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A Little About Me

I grew up on my family farm in Mundelein, IL. I was surrounded by agriculture: beans, cows, corn, chickens, hay, pumpkins, & pigs. I loved working with the animals, getting them ready to show at our county fair, nurturing the newborn babies, & even cleaning out their pens... well most of the time. I also worked in the field planting pumpkins, working the ground, & cutting/bailing hay. My parents taught my brother & I the importance of a good work ethic, as well as never giving up on our dreams. If we worked hard, we played hard. I've kept that mantra with me to this day.

My parents realized early on that my love for performing was strong. I was constantly dancing around the barn, singing on the tractor, & telling jokes to any animal that would listen. Although I will always be a farmgirl at heart, I knew my proper place was the stage. 

As someone who flew very far from the nest career-wise, I am so thankful for growing up how I did. Seeing my parent's passion and love for farming, helped me to follow my own dreams of performing. However, I was cast in a show where I had to haul poop across the stage... so I guess you can take the girl off the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the girl. 

Work Hard. Play Hard. And Be Nice While You Do It. 

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