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"As diversity and equity inclusion at professional and educational theatres continue to evolve with ever changing social norms, 

it is important that students are aware of the history

of casting in musical theatre. Musicals tend to feature a set of

characters portrayed by actors with a certain voice type

paired by specific physical traits and gender. Although this

information is important to know and understand, I do not

want my students to be restricted to a ‘type’ based on their vocal range, physical appearance, or gender. Instead, my students

should be able to explore their voices. Discover the different

colors, tones, and sensations their instrument can make, without

trying to mimic another actor. By focusing on where the students'

voice fits, rather than the ‘type’ they should sing, I believe

we can create a more diverse and equitable community."

Teaching Philosophy

Music Sheets

Elizabeth Henry,


Bree made me feel so welcomed the instant our lesson started. She started to help me feel comfortable with my belting, and introduced new pieces to me that I absolutely loved. She was willing to work on anything I wanted to bring in. Bree explored new vocal techniques with me, and I learned many tips and tricks that I still think of each time I sing.

Student Testimonials



Bree has a M.M. in Musical Theatre Vocal Pedagogy, as well as a B.A. in Musical Theatre & Theatre Performance from Carthage College. She loves working with singers of all ages, but especially children! Bree uses the understanding of vocal anatomy paired with emotional intent in a song to help a singer achieve their desired sound.

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